Let's take this opportunity to talk a little about domain names.

First, I will gladly create your site with a name like yoursite.bcurrid.com or bcurrid.com/yoursite or even bcurrid.com/clients/e-com/nj/yoursite or whatever other crazy name you can conjure up like some other hosts will do. But really, is that what you want? A fancy new web site full of lots of cool features and gadgets isn't going to help your business one bit if your customers can not remember the name of it! What are you more likely to remember....bobswidgets.com or bobswidgets.bcurrid.com or how about www.bcurrid.com/web/nj/e-com/bobswidgets? And what will look better on your business cards, signs, t-shirts, mugs, letterhead, etc? And yes, those are actually legitimate examples of some of the site names offered by other companies.

That being said, lets think about your new domain name. Or, maybe your new domain names. Many times a company will have multiple domain names all pointing to the same web site. As an example, try cnn.com, cnn.net, or cnn.org. They all bring you to the same site. In this type of case, it is done to protect branding & prevent someone else from registering a different extension to try to confuse (and steal) visitors. Often, another reason for registering multiple names is to prevent spelling confusion. Remember Bob's Widgets up above? What if Bob decided to name his company Bob's Widgetz to be cute? Then it would probably be a good idea for Bob to register bobswidgetz.com and bobswidgets.com so that he doesn't miss out on any customers that might not realize that Bob spellz weird. And, finally, a third reason for multiple domains... dashes. Try walmart.com or wal-mart.com, they both go to the same site.

Now let's talk about price. All domain names are "owned" by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, ICANN.org) and are leased by customers like you via domain registrars. Domain registration pricing varies based on 2 factors. First is the length of the lease which is sometimes 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 years. For some domains, the longer the lease, the lower the price per year. Second is the domain extension. Domain extensions vary greatly in price based on their popularity and purpose.