Referral Discount

My goal is to keep you happy! Why? Because word of mouth is the best advertising money can buy.

Every one of my clients automatically becomes an affiliate.

Simply put, for every new client you refer to me, I/m going to pay you!

Yup, its that simple. You refer a client to me, you receive a discount on your next invoice.

Here's how it works
Number of Referrals Credit to your account!
1-10 $5.00 each
11-25 $10.00 each
26-50 $20.00 each
51+ $30.00 each

When your new referral begins their project with me, they just need to give me your name.

Once they accept their new project, you will receive your discount.

Could I make it any easier??

Well how's this?

I will automatically add this little tiny banner

Footer link; BCurrid Web Technology

to the footer section of your site.
(That's the part way at the bottom, where it usually says ©2011 or something)

If anyone clicks that link, they will be sent to my site & log that they were directed from your site.

Now, if for whatever reason, you don't want my little banner to show on your site, thats fine too.

After all, it is your site and it should look the way you want it to look.

For $2.00/month, I will remove my link (no hard feelings).