Let BCurrid Web Technology change the way you do business!

I provide the following managed web services to my clients at an unbelievable price:

  • Complete professional grade website design and development in 2-4 weeks for most projects.
  • Your site is just that, YOUR site.
    • I don't offer you hundreds or thousands of templates to choose from. I design your site the way you want it. Your colors, your layout, your content, your pages. Why would you want your site to look exactly like tons of others?
    • Once I do the dirty work and design, layout and fill your site, you will be given access to the manager so you can edit, add or delete content as needed. Or, if you prefer, I can continue to do all that for you too.
    • Want graphics? I'll design them the way you want them.
  • Technical Support
  • Sites created from the ground up using the powerful & secure Wordpress or Concrete5 CMS.
  • Websites available with all the latest tools for e-commerce activity.
  • Uptime Monitoring: Your site is monitored 24/7. If your site crashes or your host's server goes down, I'll know even before you do so I can get to work!
  • Search engine optimization devoted to getting your website heavy traffic.
  • Monthly website maintenance - you never have to worry.
  • Financing available - get your website now for 30% down.


Fulfill the need for affordable, managed web services within the small business community. To replace the current free for all style of over priced web design, development, & management with a more structured & affordable method aimed at the Small Business Market.
This objective must be executed through the use of strategic business relationships, proper public relations campaign, marketing, sound design principals, excellent follow up support & consumer financing.


To make professional managed web services available to all small and medium size business through the use of new web design technology and inexpensive design and management fees. By providing outstanding, affordable managed web services to these companies, they will be able to compete with and surpass much larger corporate contenders.